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Timo Haans 17-10-2019


The swift and ceaseless evolution of 3D technology has enabled artists, designers, and engineers to go above and beyond their wildest imaginations. What cannot be captured in real life can be produced by madly talented digital artists and designers. CG artistry is everywhere – you see it in blockbuster films, addictive games, music videos, TV ads and so much more.

A lot of 3D work that we do at Tiron Graphics comes from real estate developers, interior decorators and designers who seek clarity and feasibility of their ideas. Such previews and mock-ups are critical to ensure big ideas on paper do not fall flat in reality. You can read more about this in our blog post How 3D design is impacting the Real Estate Industry.

Here are some of our renderings and modellings:

1. To save the hassle and cost of building several layouts, a Dutch company specialising in kitchens approached us to help showcase their fantastic product. This is a 3D model and render of a kitchen interior. As inviting as it looks, it is not a photo but a visualisation that really impressed our client.

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2. Just a regular pint glass? Well, it is very hard to take a perfect picture of a simple product such as this and guarantee the same look every time. That's why every pint, bottle or can in the advertising world is a 3D render. That's right! Every image you see of your favourite beverage is fake!

3. Just another picture of a building, right? Wrong! The building doesn’t exist – well, not yet. Tiron Graphics made this rendering for a Dutch real estate developer. From angles to constrictions, we were able to furnish them with all the information they needed before investing high capital in the project.

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4. Perfect light. Perfect reflection. Perfect scenery. This is only possible in a 3D render. Any scene, any angle and any time of the day or night can be created with 3D technology. Companies enjoy the freedom to easily create advertisements for any market in the world without having to visit those places or pay for expensive shoots at those locations. Another great advantage is that such renders never lose their quality and are therefore great for billboards, print, and online usage. 

3D Rendering Benefits We Offer

• Get clarity about the feasibility of your idea or project.

• Spot mistakes and inconsistencies early before work begins

• Save money on editing designs and fixing unforeseen issues after work begins

• Save time – invest in the right resources and projects

• Quick editing – On-the-spot changes allow for testing more ideas

• Improve your marketing pitch and impress clients with precise data and plans

• Get new ideas to develop and enhance your idea or project

Some CG Art We Love

Below are stunning works by digital artists obsessed with picture perfection. None of the images are actual photographs or have photographic backgrounds; they have been digitally produced from scratch. The fact that they look so realistic shocks the smartest amongst us– the attention to detail, the physics, the sheer brilliance of it all is hard to believe.

Prepare to have your mind blown. Ready?

1. This is no plane cruising above the clouds at 30,000 feet; it is pure artistic genius. Artist Marcin Gruszczyk loves exploring the infinite possibilities of CG. This is one of the many astounding examples of his 3D wizardry that conquers the skies.


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2. According to artist Marek Denko, 'Under The Southern Highway' is not about lonely women or old architecture. It was just about juxtaposing two contrasting elements to create a space that's personal and meaningful.

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3. Here's another wonder from Marek Dento. This rendering is from an animation made by his studio, NoEmotion. While this could easily pass off as an amateur shot, the rendering is worthy of mention. Take a good look at how every bush, blade of grass, and inch of the fence are modelled to perfection.

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4. Artist Leandre Hounnake is bound to ruffle some feathers with this CG masterpiece. If you're convinced this is a bird, you could not be more wrong. Nope. This is not wildlife photography, but it definitely is CG gone wild. Check out the deep level of detail and sophistication; the picture bursts with texture, colour, and warmth.

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5. A busy work schedule kept Tim Jones from working on his personal artwork. So when the idea for Lavoir suddenly flashed before him, he decided to dive right in. For most of us, the water represents realism. The perfect reflections of the arcs and old ways lend charm to the desolate surroundings.

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6. This still life rendering by Sofian Moumene is exquisitely charming and nostalgic. It has an art school vibe and a feeling that belongs to yesterday rolled into one.

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7. Sigh. They're not real, but we sure wish they were. CG artist Andrey Kobushenko's rendering gives us a delightful raspberry rush that reminds us of warm summer days.

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