Tolga Goksin 29-04-2021


Often when people are visiting our office, we get the question what a toy like Buzz Lightyear is doing in our team. Buzz is our office mascot and we have a good reason for him being. Although it is a toy, Buzz and his creators contribute a lot to our current vision and mission. Read the story behind our mascot below.


Office mascot - Buzz Lightyear

I have always been inspired by Pixar,
since I’ve seen Toy Story when I was 7 years old.

They bring fantasy and imagination to life,
like children do when they play.

When growing up, people often loose this type of fantasy and stop imagining.

This is something I’ve never stopped doing.

It keeps you creative, brings a fun factor to life and combined with a professional business oriented mindset, this will make you look Beyond Imagination.

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