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In a galaxy far, far away, the planet Tiron orbits the Orange star. Throughout the universe, Tiron is recognized as a leader in design, where concept and execution is light years ahead.

We travelled across space with one mission:
To deliver excellence in design to Earthlings.

The mission objective is always challenged from the dark side by “The Budget”, hindering progress with businesses on Earth. As a result, the we have fought to keep prices fair, while retaining quality.

The key elements of the mission is to focus on the improvement of online content, from websites to e-commerce sites, 3D and animation, sometimes considered a futuristic concept among businesses on Earth, and of course, graphic design as a whole, to truly improve the appearance of design the world over, making the planet a more beautiful place to live, and supporting businesses to grow.

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Savills ME is a leading real estate company that provides an extensive range of residential and commercial services across the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Because the real estate business is a fast paced business that requires a lot of quick turn arounds and last minute changes. This is where we excel in and have proven that we can handle the pressure.

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Heineken is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Contributing to this makes our graphical hearts beat faster. We create POS (point of sale) material for the UAE market. Some examples are event branding, posters, flyers, store shelves, brunch stands and any other item with Heineken on it. We are trusted to respect their brand identity and handle it in a creative way to bring messages across as attractive as possible.

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As creatives, we got very excited to create this online art gallery. Diba connects the world through art and makes it possible for remote artists to sell their work to the world. The concept of the eCommerce platform is connecting with these artists, get to know them and understand their inspiration. To let this, go hand in hand with the artworks it required a well thought of UI (user interface) to guide customers through the many artworks and artists. Each artist has their own bio page where you can also find their artworks. For customers who want to explore artworks first, they have a smart filter to specify dimensions, style and much more.

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