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Get Set For Race Sunday

Heineken is one of F1's official sponsor. We've created fast paced assets for a fast paced opportunity during the race season.

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Heineken is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Contributing to this makes our graphical hearts beat faster. We create POS (point of sale) material for the UAE market. Some examples are event branding, posters, flyers, store shelves, brunch stands and any other item with Heineken on it. We are trusted to respect their brand identity and handle it in a creative way to bring messages across as attractive as possible.

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EUR0 2020

Enjoy the Rivalry

Heineken is an official partner of UEFA EURO 2020™. We've created assets and POSMs to capture the hearts of fans and entice their rivalry of their rooted teams across 12 European cities.

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Lubimax is one of the cutting edge lubricant additive materials through their years of research and culmination of their products. They provide a wide range of lubricants that were researched and established around the world. Tiron Graphics was tasked to create brochures to showcase the technical prowess of their products.

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Caspian Chemical

Rebranding to Success

Caspian Chemical is a well established brand in the Middle East and has been in the industry for 55 years. Tiron Graphics has given a refresh to keep up with today's trends and branding.

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Club NL

Hollandse Nieuwe

Club NL is a Dutch community in Dubai who connects Dutch people in the region by organising events and activities. We create the magazine Hollandse Nieuwe every 2 months to spread useful information, fun stories and tip and tricks about the region, from fellow Dutch families and companies.

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Connected Resilience

Restrata is a leading provider of innovative safety, security and technology solutions. They also provide an end to end set of services, enabling you to Design – Prepare – Manage – Respond effectively.

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Savills ME is a leading real estate company that provides an extensive range of residential and commercial services across the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Because the real estate business is a fast paced business that requires a lot of quick turn arounds and last minute changes. This is where we excel in and have proven that we can handle the pressure.

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Journi Coffee

Life and coffee is our Journi.

Journi is a story of progress, moving from one place to another. An experience to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

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