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The Jasper Cruz 22-10-2019

Ready. Set. Video!

What Is Motion Graphics?

It is an animated graphic design with text as a key element. Videos with cartoons, visuals, and actors with text pop-ups – you see them all the time. 

What Are The Advantages of Video & Motion Graphics?

Video is an excellent instrument for learning, and a super convenient way to consume content.

‘Less text, more images’ has now become the commonplace mantra. There’s a phenomenon called The Picture Superiority Effect in which images and pictures are more likely to be remembered than words. There is much value in meaningful imagery.

But video is even bigger and better than static images. Online video consumption continues to burgeon at a rapid pace. You’ve noticed the drastic shift from photo to video on social media too. Did you know that Facebook has more than 4 billion video streams daily on average?

Here are more statistics that show the advantages of video:

1. Video on your website increases conversions by a whopping 80%

2. 64% of users who just watched a video were more likely to buy a product online

3. A third of activity people do online is spent on watching videos

4. According to YouTube, users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month

5. 50% of customers seek more information after seeing a product or service in a video

Another advantage of video is the variety of formats you can play with – 3D, talking heads, cartoons, actors, and lots more! Tiron Graphics can help you decide the format best suited to your brand’s voice and business goals.

But Why Do I Need Motion Graphics or Animated Videos?

Because you need to stand out! The internet is vast, and with millions of videos fishing for eyeballs, your marketing strategy must have a video element that’s packed with punch – something that’s above the ordinary and promotes engagement.

We at Tiron Graphics know that video is a super-effective tool to make your brand and story more compelling and engaging. We’re experts at motion graphics and animation and provide excellent video services and solutions for:

  • • Social media ads and stories
  • • Website videos
  • • Marketing pitches
  • • All-format ads
  • • Explanatory videos
  • • User manuals for products
  • • Teaser videos

Want to dive deeper into the benefits of motion graphics and discover how it can help grow your business?
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Search Engines Love Videos Too

Visitors will spend more time on your page or site if it has a video. This long exposure builds trust and gives search engines signals that the page has good content. Google owns YouTube. That's why a video is 50 times more likely than a traditional webpage to appear on the first page of Google's search results. 

Video Attracts All Customers – Even The Lazy Ones

Nobody has the time or energy to read paragraphs about your product or service. Users want to see your offering in action – living up to its claims and incredible benefits. The universal preference for video over still images is driving companies to adopt video elements in their marketing strategy. Many company websites showcase short videos that explain how to use a product, and the benefits users stand to gain.

Video Drives Social Shares

Savvy marketers know that people tend to share emotions more than facts. If a video is interesting, 76% of users said they would share it. Emotions aren’t exactly ROIs, but these shares can increase traffic your way, and you can direct it further.

Get Started

If you’re still not using motion graphics or animated videos in your marketing campaigns, you’re seriously missing out. Whether you’re an influencer, a start-up, or an industry big daddy, Tiron Graphics can help grow your brand with cutting-edge tools and unique ideas. Save yourself the time and hassle of audio-visual technicalities.

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