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The Jasper Cruz 01-06-2021


What are motion graphics anyway?

Motion graphics are a type of animation. To be more specific, it is graphic design animated . Motion graphics sits under the field of animation which includes everything from animated cartoons to stop motion animation that usually represents a story about certain characters.

Motion graphics is more about giving movement to graphic design elements or giving life to something that usually doesn’t have one. A few examples are the elements and shapes on a presentation, moving texts on explainer videos. An effective use of motion graphics is to explain how to use a certain product, how a product is made, or how a service will benefit them.

How motion graphics can help you

1. Increase brand recall

Because of its visual nature, video content makes it easier for your viewers to engage with, therefore remembering you. If your video addresses your customer’s top concern and you presented it in a very eye-catching and entertaining way, the higher the chance that the viewers will respond to your brand positively in the future.

2. Illustrate complex ideas visually

A lot of companies need more than a few seconds to explain their products to their target audience. Nowadays, people’s attention spans are getting shorter , a thousand word blog post will not be enough. You need to get their attention fast. Motion graphics is a visual aid. When you have an idea for a product or service that is difficult to explain with just words, a short clip of motion graphics can simplify the complex nature of the mechanics of your business down too easy to comprehend movements, colours and shapes. The medium allows you to express in one frame, what you couldn’t do in five sentences.

3. Motion graphics has higher retention rates

As of now, the entire population is transitioning from desktop computers and laptops to mobile devices for their content and media consumption. More than 60% of viewers watches a video until the end, something that a pure text-based content can achieve so easily. It is clear that video is the preferred content of the viewers. Motion graphics are no exception from this. Facebook videos alone reach more people by more than 130% than their image-based counterparts.

4. Creative Freedom

There is no limit when it comes to motion graphics. If you want a bear wearing human clothing to explain your new delivery service, you definitely can. And you won’t have to pay a full team of actors and film crew for it. Seamlessly combining your motion graphics with other styles such as kinetic typography, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, or even 3D animation can be an option for you to create a fully engaging message.

5. Less Investment, Bigger Return

The value it builds through customer engagement is one of the most important things content has to offer. Motion graphics has to be informative and at the same time entertaining. And most of all, it has to be authentic. Genuine content is a must in order to build trust with consumers which offers facts rather than conjecture and data rather than opinion. Whether it’s an explainer video, social media video, or a presentation, implementing motion graphics content into your website or blog has been proven to increase front page Google results by more than 50 times, and has shown more double click rate when used on email campaigns.

Trends online come and go

It is up to you to keep up in this digital world.

Video is now the king when it comes to online content and motion graphics will take that to the next level. It engages with more people, affects your business positively, and is very flexible when it comes to the medium the content is being viewed from. If you want to use motion graphics and its many benefits for your business, let us know and we’ll be in touch. We will add life to your brand with professional and creative motion graphics videos.