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The JamesMeister 22-08-2019

The benefits of working with a professional

It’s kind of hard to imagine going to a meeting with a client that you are trying to gain trust and win over using an unprofessional logo that you just got from a search engine, added it in Word, added the company name and using a default font and voila! you have yourself your official logo.

Wrong! Some companies tend to disregard or place it in second priority their branding when it should be the first to be thought of. A great logo comes in with (wait for it, not responsibility) but with great confidence! It builds up your name, who you are and what message you are trying to convey to your target audience.

Branding requires a creative expert. Creative expert leads to a great difference from a logo you just got from the internet or purchased from an online store. Your logo can be suited and customized to your business needs. This will sky rocket you from your competition, a great logo also leads to a great branding uniformity. You’ll have your colors in your uniforms, your email footers, that killer business card and a great sense of belonginess and uniqueness.

1. Time saver

Save yourself the time looking/creating that logo! We can help you come up with that badass logo that you always wanted but don’t have the capacity to do so in a short time. This will define also how it will look in your brochures, documents, business card and the such which we can also help you with.

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2. Save Money

We can provide you the most cost friendly outputs to a minimum. Save yourself from using Powerpoint or Word in coming up layouts, we can have it done for you in a proper file and format that printers will happily accept.

3. Shine bright like a diamond

Having a distinctive logo will sky rocket you and your business atmospheres away from your competitors and make you glow like those Fortune Global 500s. That logo you bought just won’t do it for you.

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4. Keep Your Look Consistent

If you think designing is easy, think again! Paying for an output and deciding to just DIY afterwards is not easy. Hiring a graphic designer just for one job and winging the rest of the collaterals yourself can be troublesome. Winging it might cause your flyers and your projected sales to grow wings and fly away.Remember, how you market expresses your identity.

5. Get the Results You Want

Most of the time you have the idea—you can feel it in your bones, but you just don’t know how to execute them. That’s what we are here for. We’re like fairy godparents who can make your dreams come true and we won’t leave your when the clock strikes twelve.

Pitch to us what you have in mind and we’ll sort it out and guide you through as you create your brand, your identity. Having the right materials create strong impressions and the right strategies make that impression last.

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Hope to hear from you soon, Team Tiron Graphics over and out!