The JamesMeister 09-10-2019

The Impact of Good and Bad Design

First impressions have the power to make or break your business image. Corporate branding is what people first notice on logos, business cards, flyers, and collaterals. Here we discuss the crucial role design plays in establishing brand identity, presence, and credibility.

Distinguishing between good and bad design is often challenging to the untrained eye – especially given the abundance of choice. What makes a design ‘good’ is subjective. Some say it’s quick, clean, and gets straight to the point. Others say it’s a balance of elements and proper incorporation of the brand message.

No matter what you think, designing on your own is tough. Those who have tried know that it is a non-stop process of brainstorming and redrafting that takes a toll on time. This is where we come in. We offer smart design and branding solutions that work wonders for any type of business – start-ups, webshops, apps, and multinationals.

We’re experts at:

• Logo design
• Business cards
• Website building
• Corporate branding
• Much more!

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Expert Tips

Your idea must be clear and concise. This helps formulate and draft designs that reach your target market accurately.

Walk in the shoes of your target audience to critically question your design’s appeal and influence.
Your feedback will embolden ideas, craft crisper messages, and lend crystal clear direction Got the resources to conduct surveys? Go for it! Survey responses will throw up fresh ideas and turn your eye towards stuff you may have missed. 

Visuals break the monotony of text blocks that nobody bothers to read. Ensure your images are not only eye-catching but also meaningful; they should reflect your brand’s idea, voice, and message.

Colours evoke emotion. Select ones that resonate with your brand’s core offering. They will set the tone and backdrop for all future creatives, be it print or digital.

Alternate Text

Bad design is bad for business. It dilutes the hard work you’ve put into building a good name and downgrades your first impression to an instant turn-off. It also reeks of unprofessionalism and makes potential clients question your credibility. Why run such a risk?

Let us help unlock your brand’s best potential. Nothing is too big or small for us to tackle – be it logo design, business cards, website building or full-fledged corporate branding. Just tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll flex our creative muscles to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

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